Maryland-Delaware Beach Photographer BKLP - Summer 2018 on Film

Summer 2018 was a really good one for us, we spent most of our days at beach! People ask me all the time why I love film, and there are a lot of reasons. Film makes me really slow down and think about what I am about to photograph, I don’t take 15 pictures of the same thing, I take one and hope it’s in focus! Film is very forgiving, you really can’t mess it up, it has a classic look I love and there is little to no editing. The lab does everything for you! It’s not as heavy as my digital and fits easily in my bag. Lastly it gives me a reason to use the first lens I ever bought, the one that taught me everything and have dropped multiple times but it still works, the nifty fifty.

If you are a mom who is looking to up your picture game, the first step is a prime lens! You don’t need a fancy expensive camera, you need to learn how to use what you have and invest in a prime. If you are a photographer who has been thinking of trying film, do it!!! I promise you won’t regret it.

This is our summer on film, and I hope to blog these every year. Comparing it to last years post Emma has grown up so much! This was the summer she lost her 2 front teeth, ate a lot of Thrashers and Kohr Bros, visited Funland a zillion times, took her first trip Assateague, went to The Ocean City Boardwalk and was tall enough to ride the ‘real’ rides, went to Funland again with her cousins, watched The Sandlot 101 times and decided she wanted to dress like Squints.

Jack was just along for the ride.

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Breanna Kuhlmann is a Lifestyle Portrait, Newborn, Business and Branding Photographer. She lives in Fallston, Maryland and regularly travels within Harford and Baltimore Counties, including Bel Air, Forest Hill, Baltimore, Kingsville as well as White Marsh, Phoenix, Towson, Timonium, Hunt Valley, Sparks, Pennsylvania, Delaware and beyond. In the summer months you can book BKLP for Beach Sessions along Delaware Beaches.