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You see them all over the internet, dreamy bright and airy portraits of a couple smiling gazing into their newborn babies eyes. I hear this all the time - My house is a disaster and dark, can we have our session somewhere else? No. My house is a disaster too, well just on the days that end in 'y'. For my lifestyle sessions I use a lens that is made for low light situations. Your house is messy, my house is messy, life is messy. That's kind of the best part. I rarely walk into a home that's perfectly organized, okay sometimes I do but I know they must have a Monica from Friends hidden closet somewhere. We don't have to shoot in every room, the popular ones are the Master Bedroom, Living or Family room, and Nursery (and this is usually first and second babes, if it's a third they usually don't even have a room yet #momtruth). My role is to capture your family's moments with minimal posing. I'm really good at making everyone comfortable and allowing the natural moments to happen. Your family's love will shine through, naturally. We have fun and when everyone forgets there's a camera in my hands, that's when the magic happens. Here are my tips for a dreamy in-home lifestyle session.

Pro tip #1 let there be light

Do you have a window in your home? Then you have light. If you want the light and airy look you should observe the different rooms in your home and see which one brings in the most natural light. But you don't need a room full of windows, one or two can make for dreamy lighting. Here is an example of a before + after. This was a family room with two windows, and the sun was almost set. It's one of my favorite photographs, ever.

Maryland family photographer

Pro Tip #2 Room Options

Popular rooms for newborn + lifestyle sessions are the nursery,  master bedroom, living/family room and sometimes kitchen. They are popular because they are your most lived in rooms. I like to utilize different rooms to really capture your family's lives. If you want the light and airy look I recommend white/neutral colored sheets on your bed. Pick 3 areas/rooms you would like to incorporate into your session and it helps to make sure the rooms are de-cluttered before I arrive. 

Harford county photographer lifestyle

Pro Tip #3 - Clothing is everything, keep it simple.

I love neutral tones, they are classic and timeless. Knitted textures are nice and it's best to coordinate, not match your family's outfits. Layers and a pop of color can also be fun. If you want more formal pictures dress up! I am here to help,  if you have questions or need some guidance on outfits I'm always here, just ask!  For newborn sessions, I don't do props or posing, swaddle blankets and onesies are more my style. Regardless of what look you are going for, it's nice to be home in something other than pj pants, at least for me it is ;)

Harford county family lifestyle photographer

Pro Tip #4 - Something with meaning

Whether it's an object or a person, incorporate things that mean something to you! If Grandma is in town, document it. Lifestyle sessions are so special because they are real. The laughs, the cries, the hugs, the protective fur baby are all real. Every ordinary moment is turned into a piece of art you will cherish forever. These real moments are going to be what you remember years from now. The blanket someone hand knitted for you, your fur baby, your moms help, incorporate them into your session so you can remember them forever.

Baltimore Photographer

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Breanna Kuhlmann lives in Fallston, Maryland, and regularly travels within Harford County and Baltimore, including Bel Air, Abingdon, Forest Hill, as well as Kingsville, White Marsh, Phoenix, Towson, Timonium, Hunt Valley, Sparks and beyond. Breanna is a Portrait, Newborn, Lifestyle, Branding and Business Photographer. In the summer months you can book BKLP for Beach Sessions along the Maryland - Delaware Beaches.