Maryland Lifestyle Photographer // Buona Pasqua

Happy Easter! 10 years ago, my family lost someone very special, my Great Aunt Louise. We have honored her at almost every family gathering with at least one of her recipes, usually her delicious Italian cookies. Last year we started a new tradition -Aunt Louise was famous for her ravioli- so we decided to honor her in making them. The really special part? Before she passed her daughter made a DVD of her making her recipes. So today we cooked along with her! We laughed. We cried. We hit the wine (we are Italian after all). Most of all we enjoyed each others company. It was a great reminder that these moments need to be cherished and documented. So today, in the midst of all the chaos that is a holiday, I took out my camera and documented the day, and I am so happy I did. If you have a special event coming up and need someone to document your special day, call me!