I genuinely want to help you + your business grow!

I started my photography business because I wanted to give others what meant so much to me, memories. I offer business services + photography because I genuinely want to help your business grow. The number one mistake I made when I started was not educating myself and understanding SEO. Showing up organically on the first page of google takes time, and I wasted a lot of it by not educating myself. I have put in so much time taking courses and going down internet rabbit holes so you don't have to! I am sharing the tips and tricks that landed me on the first page of google, in under 6 months. 

I use Squarespace and can not recommend it enough. I'm also a photographer, these tips can be customized to any business but my examples will all be photography and squarespace specific. If at any time you have questions reach out! Take these recommendations and make them your own. 

The envision is powerful, the work is the what gets you results.

What I’m going to share with you WILL get you results, but only if you actually do it. The best part about this step by step guide is you will get my number one tip, that could get you on the first page-instantly!

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