Am i the right photographer for you?

Can you tell me, without looking, all of the images that are stored on your phone right now? Who's in them,  where were you, and why?  Now how about this: Can you tell me, without looking, all of the images that are on your wall? I bet you can, and here's why: because we print what matters to us. I include a print credit because I want you to print them. If you are looking to get out from behind the camera and into the memories, then I'm the right photographer for you.

It's always a good idea to have a vision for your session, and to share that vision with your photographer. Before we meet we will talk about your style, whats important to you, and what you are hoping to get out of your session. I'm not a photographer who meets all my clients at the same spot because the light is dreamy. I will meet you anywhere, anytime. I want your session to reflect you! I have lots of suggestions, but 9 times out of 10 clients come up with a location that means something to them, and it ends up being perfect!   Are you looking for something original that represents you and your family? Then I'm the right photographer for you.

I promise you will receive the number of photos that are included in your package (or more). I also promise you will not receive every single photo taken at your session. You'll hear my shutter click more than the number of images you receive, but here's what you don't see: the shots that are lighting tests. The shots where you blink. The shots where someone is in the background picking their nose, a car drives by,  tears are being shed (okay sometimes these are funny) or the wind blows your hair in front of your face. If you are looking for images worthy of your Instagram, Facebook feed and your walls, then I'm the right photographer for you.


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